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Rent a Car for Thatta Tour

Rent a car and explore Thatta for yourself! There are lots of car rental providers in Karachi offering from the popular Corolla, to strong jeeps, and classy air-conditioned cars.  We are distinguished in terms of rates and customer support.

We offer quality, convenience and highest dedication. Whether you schedule a family picnic in Thatta or plan historical places tour, we take care of all and offer you a fantastic traveling experience. You will discover Rent a Car Pakistan the top rent a car service in Pakistan. We've got a great car selection to meet your occasional car hire requirements.

Regular coaches leave Karachi for Thatta. There are only two ways for you to go to Thatta and neighboring places. These are either by public transport utilizing bus or rent a car or van for a day with or without driver. 

This is a smooth, effectively carpeted road which takes you to Thatta from Karachi. It is about 100 kilometers from Karachi normally takes approximately  2 hours to reach; depending upon how many stops you make along the way for sightseeing.

If you are planning to rent a car for your Thatta Trip, Rent a Car Pakistan should be the choice for you.  Most of our vehicles are loaded with satellite tracking device, well-maintained cars and above all knowledgeable driver who will act like a seasoned tour guide for you.

The most important destination to explore in Thatta is the Makli Graveyard. It is known to be 1000 years old.  Thatta is the second ideal place near Karachi to explore because of its historical position and affluent lifestyle.  Thatta is the well-known city of Sind province. It's about 100 kilometers away from Karachi. You will find a variety of things to do   in Thatta. Exploring these locations while traveling in our luxurious rent a car are just unforgettable.

  • Shahjahani Mosque
  • Makli Necropolis (Graveyard)
  • Kalri Lake (Kinjhar Lake)
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