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Rent a Car Service for Picnic

Are you residing in Karachi or coming to explore this beautiful urban center from other cities, Karachi offers amazing sightseeing and picnic opportunities which not  only will remember for long time but you will definitely want to visit again. The best way to explore Karachi sightseeing and attractions is riding in a private car.  Using public transport to move to picnic spots with your family may not be your options.  There comes the option of Rent a Car for picnic.   There available many rent a car companies in Karachi offering their services at an affordable rates and you can enjoy your excursion with peace of mind and tranquility.

We, at Rent a Car Service Pakistan offer discounted rates as well as quality and efficient private transport service for your picnic or sightseeing trip and tour. Our service features experienced driver, well maintained cars and excellent customer support.

If you need a car without driver, you will find your choice in time and in good condition with all government licensing requirement.  You can hire chauffeur driven car with a trained and friendly driver who will not only be experienced but also well acquainted with the spot you intend to go.

We offer rent a car service to the following historical and famous picnic spots in Karachi and around Sindh.

  • Clifton Beach
  • Mahata Palac
  • Defense Mosque
  • Sehwan sharif
  • Hawks Bay
  • Fish Harbour
  • Cape Mount
  • Paradise Point
  • French Beach
  • Manora Island Beac
  • Mohen-jo-daro
  • Kot Diji Fort
  • Runi kot Fort
  • Naukot Fort
  • Bhanbore
  • Neran Kot Fort
  • Thatta Makli Graveyard
  • Khirthar National Park
  • Keenjhar Lake
  • Karachi the Capital
  • Masoom Shah jo munaro
  • Gawadar
  • Haleeji Lake
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